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It is no longer an issue for debate that sustainable energy is the way to go if we want to meet our present needs and not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The growing world population has increased our energy demand, and this has created a lot of challenges for our environment. 

For some people, our environment is in such a grave danger that we must take a radical decision and quickly transition to sustainable energy sources.

Other energy experts have, however, advocated a gradual switch to sustainable energy sources citing disruptions that are bound to occur from such a move.

According to Douglas Healy, an energy expert, and attorney, we should pursue the transition to sustainable energy in a manner that does not upset the already established and reliable power sources like nuclear energy and coal.

Healy has also observed that the sustainable energy sources we have now cannot sustain the ever-growing demand for energy. Energy sources that depend on the weather will fail if the weather changes.

There is no doubt that most of the sustainable energy sources are not reliable and are susceptible to failure as a result of their reliance on environmental elements, which can be erratic. 

Below are some ways technology can help address some of the challenges associated with sustainable energy.

Better Network

The problem of the reliability of sustainable energy sources has led to the development of better networks and power grids. 

These new technologies can incorporate renewable energy resource to a larger population.

Evaluating Sustainable Energy Performance

In our effort to transition to renewable energy, there is no doubt that some sustainable energy sources are more effective than others.

Technological tools can help us identify those sustainable energy technologies and designs that offer more in terms of energy efficiency, and the overall cost is essential. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Although there have been giant strides in renewable energy, the production and distribution of sustainable energy are still marginal.

There is no doubt that technology can help increase sustainable energy production, supply, and use, and also help reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

Better Pricing

One of the problems associated with sustainable energy sources is pricing.

Technological tools can be developed to give a framework for the analysis of the dynamics of supply, demand, and pricing. Also, technology can help build real-time pricing to offer more social benefits to users. 

Better Energy Storage

One of the shortcomings of many sustainable energy sources is its inability to store energy for future use.

There are researches in many countries on sustainable energy storage for domestic, industrial, and transportation systems.

Renewable energy from the wind and sun are gradually being harnessed and stored in car batteries for future use.

Wrap Up

While it is crystal clear that sustainable energy is the way to go, the sources and infrastructure of these new sources of energy are still fraught with a lot of challenges.

Overcoming these sustainable energy challenges will require research, development, and employment of next-generation solar cells and batteries. Technology will enable us to focus on only those sources that offer the most benefits to users and the environment.